Environmental Education and Conservation Global (EECG) was created to promote education as a tool that can help conserve and enhance the earth’s biological diversity. The organization employs a unique combination of education, social marketing, and communication strategies to achieve its goals. EECG believes that behavior change is essential to the conservation of biological diversity and that this behavior change must be viewed as a positive alternative by the people involved. EECG also believes that to be effective, conservation efforts must enhance the quality of life for those directly dependent on the planet’s biological bounty and must promote the equitable sharing of benefits derived from the world’s natural resources.


EECG’s goals are to educate and improve the environmental behaviours of the many publics it serves by helping educators, resource managers and other professionals concerned about environmental quality create more positive environmental attitudes and behaviors in these audiences. In order to accomplish its stated mission, EECG works to

  • Provide training to educators and others who are willing to work towards appropriate behavior changes—Change in those persons creating environmental problems today and those who can help prevent them in the future.
  • Supply resources and support to future educational leaders who have the potential to make significant contributions to positive environmental behavior in their countries; and,
  • Manage EECG and its activities in an ethical, efficient, and effective manner.