In countries around the world, formal and nonformal educators, journalists, decision makers, and resource managers know that education can be used as an effective tool to help solve environmental problems, conserve natural resources, and develop sustainable economies based on these resources. They know that informed and motivated citizens are their best allies in efforts to promote environmental quality. However, in many cases, educators in these countries lack the institutional structure, support, training, and resources needed to be effective in their efforts to create an informed, environmentally literate, and active citizenry. In February of 2001, Environmental Education and Conservation Global (EECG), a not-for-profit organization, was established to help these dedicated professionals accomplish their goals.
Structure. EECG is incorporated in the United States as a not-for profit organization in the State of New York. Federal 501 (c.) 3. tax-exempt status has been granted. By incorporating as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization, EECG is able to accept donations that result in tax savings for donors from the United States. Management. Edward J. McCrea, President and CEO and James L. Massey, Senior Vice-president, head EECG’s management team. Mr. McCrea brings 30 years of international experience in environmental education, training, fundraising, and management of non-profit organizations. Mr. Massey brings 35 years of experience working with national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and domestic and international conservation organizations in planning, training, and field operations.

A board of directors governs EECG. Board members are invited to serve based on their knowledge of environmental and conservation issues, education about the environment, fundraising, and other related skills that can benefit the organization.

  • Jim Massey–EECG Senior Vice President
  • Ed McCrea–EECG President
  • Augusto Medina, PhD–Director of the Environmental Education and Training Partnership, University of Wisconsin
  • Deborah Simmons, PhD—University of Oregon, Director, of the National Program for Excellence in Environmental Education